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Be a builder of the Roman Empire. Stone by stone build the Roman temple of Évora!


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2 to 4 players

8+ y.o.

60 minutos


    The Roman temple of Évora was probably built in honor of Emperor Augustus. It was built in the 1st century AD in the main square (forum) of Évora – then called Liberalitas Julia. In this game players will play the role of builders of the Roman Empire and the action takes place in Évora in the 1st century AD.
    The objective: Build the 14 columns that still exist today on the site. Players move their workers around the rondel to define the action they intend to perform: Build (stones and capitals), improve the columns already built (points multiplier) and request the influence of important characters (cards).

    These characters are:

    • The Emperor who will value the columns at the end of the game.
    • The governor who will inspect the columns and during the game will compensate the player.
    • The centurion who maintain order in the construction site and will offer greater mobility to the player.
    • The architect who helps in the construction process making it much more effective and profitable.

    The player who obtains the most prestige points, based on the stones placed in each column and also on bonuses, wins the game.