Hércules (Pre-Order Essen)

JUST FOR PRE-ORDER AND PICK UP AT ESSEN SPIEL'22. Players are trying to perform the Twelve Labours of Hercules through math.
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Hércules is available for orders and pick up at ESSEN SPIEL’22!

To place the order you can use MEBO Games office address:
Rua dos Bem Lembrados 141, Manique
2645-471 Alcabideche

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The games will only be available for pick up at MEBO Games booth (Hall 2, booth 2E121) from Thursday 6th October – 10 AM until Sunday 9th – 1 PM.
Please bring your confirmation of your order (printed or digital) and photo ID for the pickup (if it is someone else collecting on your behalf, please email us at with that person’s details by 6th October).
If you decide to cancel your pre-order, you can do so until the 9th of October, any transaction charges we incur will he covered by you.
If you don’t show up at our booth by Sunday 1 PM, we will try and sell your copy during the last day of the show. Please get in touch with us when you’re back home. We will refund your pre-order, however this incurs a 25% fee + any transaction charges.

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    In Hercules, players represent an Apprentice of Hercules and will roll the dice to perform mathematical operations in order to complete the legendary Twelve Labours of the almighty warrior. It’s a race, but being the first to complete these challenges won’t be enough to claim victory! Ultimately, the winner will be the player who has earned the most points from their cards, cubes and bonuses they gained by cleverly doing maths.

    Hercules is played over several rounds. Each round consists of 3 phases:
    1. Consult the Oracle (All players simultaneously roll their dice)
    2. Perform an Action (each player takes their turn and decides which action they wish to take: Perform a Labour or Rest)
    3. Move Pegasus (the Pegasus card moves to the next player on the left. That player will start the next round)

    During the action phase, players may use the abilities of the Demigod and Gods of Olympus cards they previously won to adjust the dice results as permitted by spending cubes or flipping cards face down.

    The game ends as soon as any Apprentice reaches Column 12 (that Apprentice immediately wins the Zeus card). Any player(s) who have not yet taken their turn do so, so that all players have the same number of turns. The player with the most VP wins the game.